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  1. Examples of “strange”
  2. The Strange and Curious Case of the Deadly Superbug Yeast
  3. The Stranger: Seattle's Only Newspaper
  4. The Strange by Jérôme Ruillier
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Examples of “strange”

Here are the Strange Familiars hoodie designs.. Timothy talks with Jeff who shares some compelling stories of weird encounters. Jeff tells about a harrowing night of fishing with his father where frightening sounds and heavy footfalls issued from the dark woods around them.

Was it ghosts? Jeff then relates more tales including UFO sightings, some green-eyed nighttime invaders, and a mind-blowing tale of something which lifted his parents' car one night. Episode On this episode Timothy talks with three guests who share their stories of encounters with strange entities. Sonya tells of a creepy bunny-man, some sort of glowing-eyed cryptid in a cemetery, and a jellyfish-like UFO. Then Taylor tells us about disappearing people. Finally, Olaf relates a tale of a man who appeared to be made of TV static.

The cover art for this episode is by Johnny Decker Miller we will be talking with Johnny on an upcoming episode! Episode The Flannel Men and women!

Timothy and Alison present a hint that there could be something supernatural to buffalo plaid itself. We read stories of Flannel Man from listeners; another story connecting Flannel Man to black dogs; Flannel Man stepping out of dreams and into bedrooms; and suggestions that these plaid-clad entities are far more than just ghosts - sometimes even harbingers of death or perhaps even the Grim Reaper himself. We also talk to several Flannel Man witnesses: including Kristina who was given a precognitive dream of a shooting event after seeing Flannel Man; Luke, who saw a series of strange symbols followed by a Flannel Man; Doug who saw a Flannel-wearing woman in his haunted apartment; and Felix who had multiple Flannel Man sightings of her own.

Timothy has a long talk with Jeremy who tells about some very strange bigfoot eyeglow he has been seeing in the Texas woods - which sound a lot like the lights we have been seeing at Site 7. Jeremy also relates stories of a troop of ghosts he saw while hog hunting, orbs hovering in the trees, and some other bigfoot encounters. Episode We welcome Christian to the show who talks about a strange man that was seen multiple times in the woods and fields beside the home of a friend from his youth.

The Strange and Curious Case of the Deadly Superbug Yeast

They described the man as a "lumberjack" and named him Plaid. Was he a Flannel Man?

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Christian also tells us some east Texas history and talks about his documentary film, Sunken Silver Timothy talks with Evan who relates his wife's experience of an entity which looked like ink dropped in water, and which touched her with ice cold tendrils. Then Evan tells a tale of a remote graveyard with a nine foot tall roaring creature, strange sounds, and an unseen hand that pushes visitors. The cover artwork for this week's episode is a watercolor illustration by Timothy.

The Stranger: Seattle's Only Newspaper

Podcast Powered By Podbean. Strange Familiars Stories and interviews about the paranormal, cryptids, forgotten history, folklore, and more. Black Dogs and the Pillar of Flame Jun 26th, by strangefamiliars. More Encounters with The Other Jun 20th, by strangefamiliars. Bunnyman Stories Jun 12th, by strangefamiliars. Contact The Strange Blue Dreams.

The Strange by Jérôme Ruillier

Streaming and Download help. If you like The Strange Blue Dreams, you may also like:. A trove of albums from the celebrated guitarist, including live LPs, rarities, studio albums, and more. Polished dancepop from Honeymoan with sky-high vocal melodies surrounded by sparkling guitars. Great Dad by great dad. Walkie Talkie by Brijean. The Berkeley, California-based percussionist shines on her debut.

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