Prophetic Force: A Demystification of Eschatology

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Ehrman notes that "the mythicists have become loud, and thanks to the Internet they've attracted more attention". According to Derek Murphy, the documentaries The God Who Wasn't There and Zeitgeist raised interest for the Christ myth theory with a larger audience and gave the topic a large coverage on the Internet. According to Ehrman, mythicism has a growing appeal "because these deniers of Jesus are at the same time denouncers of religion".

In modern scholarship, the Christ myth theory is a fringe theory , which finds virtually no support from scholars, [4] [] [5] [6] [] [q 18] to the point of being irrelevant and almost completely ignored. According to New Testament scholar Bart D. Ehrman, most people who study the historical period of Jesus believe that he did exist and do not write in support of the Christ myth theory. According to Casey, the view that Jesus did not exist is "the view of extremists", "demonstrably false" and "professional scholars generally regard it as having been settled in serious scholarship long ago".

In , classical historian and popular author Michael Grant in his book Jesus: An Historian's Review of the Gospels , concluded that "modern critical methods fail to support the Christ-myth theory". If we apply to the New Testament, as we should, the same sort of criteria as we should apply to other ancient writings containing historical material, we can no more reject Jesus' existence than we can reject the existence of a mass of pagan personages whose reality as historical figures is never questioned.

Graeme Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Classical Ancient History and Archaeology at Australian National University [] stated in "Frankly, I know of no ancient historian or biblical historian who would have a twinge of doubt about the existence of a Jesus Christ—the documentary evidence is simply overwhelming". Joseph Hoffmann, who had created the Jesus Project , which included both mythicists and historicists to investigate the historicity of Jesus, wrote that an adherent to the Christ myth theory asked to set up a separate section of the project for those committed to the theory.

Hoffmann felt that to be committed to mythicism signaled a lack of necessary skepticism and he noted that most members of the project did not reach the mythicist conclusion. The authors proposing such opinions might be competent, decent, honest individuals, but the views they present are demonstrably wrong Jesus is better documented and recorded than pretty much any non-elite figure of antiquity. Critics of the Christ myth theory question the competence of its supporters. Few of these mythicists are actually scholars trained in ancient history, religion, biblical studies or any cognate field, let alone in the ancient languages generally thought to matter for those who want to say something with any degree of authority about a Jewish teacher who allegedly lived in first-century Palestine.

Maurice Casey has criticized the mythicists, pointing out their complete ignorance of how modern critical scholarship actually works. He also criticizes mythicists for their frequent assumption that all modern scholars of religion are Protestant fundamentalists of the American variety, insisting that this assumption is not only totally inaccurate, but also exemplary of the mythicists' misconceptions about the ideas and attitudes of mainstream scholars. Questioning the mainstream view appears to have consequences for one's job perspectives.

These views are so extreme and so unconvincing to Few scholars have bothered to criticise Christ myth theories. Robert Van Voorst has written "Contemporary New Testament scholars have typically viewed Christ myth arguments as so weak or bizarre that they relegate them to footnotes, or often ignore them completely [ Maier , former Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University and current professor emeritus in the Department of History there has stated "Anyone who uses the argument that Jesus never existed is simply flaunting his ignorance.

In his book Did Jesus Exist? As for the lack of contemporaneous records for Jesus, Ehrman notes no comparable Jewish figure is mentioned in contemporary records either and there are mentions of Christ in several Roman works of history from only decades after the death of Jesus. Although the gospel accounts of Jesus' life may be biased and unreliable in many respects, Ehrman writes, they and the sources behind them which scholars have discerned still contain some accurate historical information.

If 40 per cent believe in the Jesus myth, this is a sign that the Church has failed to communicate with the general public. Stanley E. Bedard, a Baptist minister and graduate of McMaster Divinity, respond to Harpur's ideas from an evangelical standpoint in Unmasking the Pagan Christ: An Evangelical Response to the Cosmic Christ Idea , challenging the key ideas lying at the foundation of Harpur's thesis.

Porter and Bedard conclude that there is sufficient evidence for the historicity of Jesus and assert that Harpur is motivated to promote "universalistic spirituality". Since , several English-language documentaries have focused—at least in part—on the Christ myth theory:.

Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases; yet we accounted him stricken, struck down by God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the punishment that made us whole, and by his bruises we are healed Yet it was the will of the Lord to crush him with pain. When you make his life an offering for sin, he shall see his offspring, and shall prolong his days; through him the will of the Lord shall prosper. Out of his anguish he shall see light; he shall find satisfaction through his knowledge.

The righteous one, my servant, shall make many righteous, and he shall bear their iniquities. Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the body of myths associated with Christianity, see Christian mythology and Jesus in comparative mythology. For sources on Jesus, see Sources for the historicity of Jesus and Historical reliability of the Gospels. The Resurrection of Christ by Carl Heinrich Bloch —some mythicists see this as a case of a dying-and-rising deity. Jesus in Christianity. Jesus in Islam. Jesus in history. Perspectives on Jesus. Jesus in culture. Life in art Depiction Jesuism.

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Main articles: Origins of Christianity and History of Christianity. See also: Jesus in Christianity , Christology , Christian apologetics , Christian fundamentalism , Biblical hermeneutics , Biblical literalism , Evangelicalism , and Liberal theology. Main articles: Quest for the historical Jesus , Textual criticism , and Historical criticism. See also: Criticism of Historical Jesus research and Memory studies.

Main article: The Gospels. Main articles: Josephus on Jesus and Tacitus on Christ. See also: Origins of Christianity and Gnosticism. See also: Comparative mythology , Religious syncretism , and Mytheme. Paul, John and their churches replaced him by the otherworldy Christ of faith. Dunn : "[these] two facts [of baptism and crucifixion] in the life of Jesus command almost universal assent. Sanders , in "Jesus and Judaism" , says there are eight facts that can be discerned about the historical Jesus: his Baptism, that he was a Galilean itinerant preacher who was reputed to do healings and other 'miracles', he called disciples and spoke of there being 12, that he confined his activity to Israel, that he engaged in controversy over the Temple, that he was crucified outside of Jerusalem by the Romans, that those disciples continued as a movement after his death.

In his work, "The Historical figure of Jesus" he added six more: that Jesus was likely born in 4—6 BC under Herod the Great the Gregorian calendar is wrong , Jesus grew up in Nazareth, Jesus taught in small villages and towns and seemed to avoid cities, Jesus ate a final meal with his disciples, he was arrested and interrogated by Jewish authorities apparently at the instigation of the high priest, his disciples abandoned him at his death, later believed they saw him and thereafter believed Jesus would return.

Rom 1. Paul also claims possible character traits for Jesus cf. Above all, he refers very frequently to the fact that Jesus was crucified 1 Cor 1. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus. McGrath refers to 4 Maccabees 6 , "which presents a martyr praying 'Be merciful to your people, and let our punishment suffice for them.

Make my blood their purification, and take my life in exchange for theirs' 4 Maccabees Clearly there were ideas that existed in the Judaism of the time that helped make sense of the death of the righteous in terms of atonement. Two Insights for explanations on the phrase "third day". According to Pinchas Lapide, "third day" may refer to Hosea —2 : Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up.

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Translation of «demystification» into 25 languages

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Howard Marshall ed. The Christ and the Spirit. Price" in James K. The Origin of All Religious Worship. Kessinger, , first published Durant, Will. Christ and Caesar. Ehrman, Bart D. A lifelong student of biblical prophecy, Knezacek has discovered several ideas that take the Bible's End Times prophecies one step further along the path to understanding. A definitive work demonstrating the historical Timeline of the Jubilees Cycle started at Creation. Using verifiable historical records, this book reconstructs the Jubilee Cycle used in history. Included are the dates for Creation, the Flood, the Exodus, and many other historical events that were dated relative to the Jubilee Cycle.

There are enough objective historical records to demonstrate that this Timeline cannot be shifted in either direction, not even by one year. This Timeline becomes the backbone for reconstructing all of chronology. Revealed by the Creation Jubilee Timeline is that we are indeed living in the last days. This book provides the evidence that Genesis and Daniel are prophecies referring to Jubilee Cycles ending in September All of the end-time prophecies will be fulfilled in the next few years. Unless you live down a mineshaft you are probably wondering whether the writing is on the wall for humankind.

You may stress about the nuclear club growing with members such as North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. Why is it that our efforts to prevent a nuclear holocaust in this generation will fail? Or we may be dead within a few decades as a result of global warming. Why is it that our efforts to save our planet will fail? Or we may be decimated within this generation as the result of the fulfilment of divine prophecy.

Why is there such prophecy? Will it prove true? Why is a key date to watch out for? But there is a way - just one way - to survive and this book reveals it! Chisholm maintains that the principle key to unlocking Bible prophecy is never found in great, overbearing, complexity-but in a simple willingness to acknowledge what God is saying to us. This unique work of prophetic research looks afresh at some foundations of end-time prophecy found in the Holy Bible, and unveils a startling pattern that unmistakably reveals the handiwork of God in his plan.

The simple but awesome revealed pattern beautifully resolves many conflicting views of prophecy. This book explores the 7,year theory of history using a three-dimensional system of "stacking" sets of Scripture that, in the layering process, reveal prophetic connections throughout the biblical text. The overall structure of history is seen to rest on the prophetic foundation of the first chapter of Genesis. With the Gregorian year now behind us, many seem ready to give the 7,year theory of history a nasty burial.

This book demonstrates that the old theory has nver been more viable. The creation "week," which began in B. The moon is a figure for the Holy Spirit in the fourth "day" of the creation "week. God likely tilted the earth's axis at the Fall. Holding numerous degrees, he is also a minister and former pastor. He has authored and co-authored over 65 books dealing with the end-times, false religions and the New Age. NO Herbert W. While his theology was rooted in Seventh-Day Adventism, he also taught the false doctrine of British-Israelism, later known as "Armstrongism" which claims the ten "lost" tribes of Israel were actually Anglo-Saxons.

This unbiblical doctrine is not only anti-Semitic, but wrongly contends that Jews are Israelite impostors. He was the self-proclaimed "apostle" of the "only true church on earth," with an emphasis on linking Bible prophecy to contemporary world events, but with his own twist just as SDAs do today.

He regularly predicted specific times for the return of Christ when previous predictions failed. He claimed that he was a fulfillment of prophecy and that he and his "church" alone were preaching the truth. More than 30 splinter groups formed after his death. He also hosted the Garner Ted Armstrong television broadcast, and was the self-proclaimed "Ezekiel Watchman" main prophetic spokesman for God on earth.

He regularly travels, speaking at "independent" Church of God COG churches, conferences, campaigns and meetings. The organization continues to promote and sell video, audio and other ministry materials under the name "Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association" which promotes radical views of end-times prophecy and global destruction.

She has written books for both adults and children on the study of Bible prophecy. She is a busy conference speaker, radio and television host, author, teacher and researcher. He realized other prophetic books in the Old Testament describing future battles against Israel all fit within a year timeline. Also hosts "Bible Answers Live" radio show. Many of his prophecy teachings are rejected by mainstream prophecy scholars and teachers. He, and other Adventists use "bait and switch" tactics at highly-publicized prophecy seminars after many hours of prophetic teaching, participants are eventually told they will receive the "mark of the beast" if they don't convert to a Seventh-Day Adventist.

Many Christians are duped by this tactic due to their lack of Bible prophecy knowledge. These "Revelation seminars" promote doctrines that are required knowledge for membership or baptism in the SDA Church. The origins of SDA doctrine are rooted in date setting, false prophecies and legalism.

NO Irvin Baxter, Jr. Popular radio Bible prophecy teacher, he has unique views of prophecy, says they are "his" theories, and thus has many good and bad ideas. He has a correct view on Israel's role in history, and correctly argues against preterism. He does not believe the book of Revelation is chronological, which leads him to some fanciful interpretations. For example, he says we are now living in the midst of the sixth trumpet of Revelation 9, and we may soon witness in the annihilation of 2 billion people.

The fifth trumpet he claims began in when Saddam Hussein Saddam means "destroyer" set Kuwaiti oil fields on fire, and ended with his execution in December He thinks the 7-year tribulation period is yet future. He does not accept the doctrine of the Trinity, and is affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church which claims its methods are the only true way to salvation. He also rejects a pre-tribulation rapture based on Revelation which he claims is the "first resurrection. He also believes the two witness of Revelation chapter 11 could possibly be here on earth now, and mistakenly thought they were to be revealed in Israel during the summer of YES Allen Beechick A foremost teacher on the theology of the pre-tribulation rapture, he has written books and articles on the topic.

He also provides answers to the false views of pretersim. NO Marian G. Even so, her teachings were riddled with gross misapplication of scripture. For example, she claimed that the messages of the three angels in Revelation began shortly before through William Miller, then concluded with the third angel's message of judgment which coincided with the "Great Disappointment" on October 22, This proclaimed a true seventh-day Sabbath against a false Sabbath, continuing to this day.

She also wrote against the idea of a rapture. Her website endtimepublishing. YES F. He was very passionate about Israel and teaching eschatology, and has authored several books on Bible prophecy. He diligently defended the pre-tribulation rapture. For many years he was a radio broadcaster, reaching millions of people around the world for the gospel.

NO Shawn Boonstra Canadian-born director of the Seventh-Day Adventist's "It Is Written" international television program, his teaching is focused on "unlocking" the signs of the end-times. SDA's major break with mainstream Bible prophecy teachers is that they believe the , and future days described in Daniel 12 as taking place at the last half of the tribulation period are actually , and year segments of the 2, year prophecy that William Miller falsely taught terminated in Thus, mainstream Bible prophecy teachers who teach that , and days are both literal and yet future do not agree with SDA teachings or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Following the strategies of other popular SDA prophecy teachers, he also produces a graphical instructional series on DVD. His production is called "Signs of the Appearing," which is also sold as a "graduate course," found at unlockthesigns. Great artwork isn't great prophecy teaching.

He teaches that Sunday worshipers are the true expression of the mark of the beast, and thus those who attend his complete prophecy series will be convinced that the Seventh-day Adventist denomination is the "one true church of Christ. Those who attend these meetings will be called to "come out of Babylon" into the Seventh-Day Adventist denomination.

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NO William Marrion Branham Considered one of the most controversial revival preachers of the 20th century, he was not only a self-proclaimed prophet, but also claimed special discernment of Bible prophecy. In early he preached a set of sermons which he declared a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy transpired. Obviously his views were distorted and riddled with errors, yet still today many accept him as a true prophet of God. Just before his passing, he also hosted the television program with Tim LaHaye. He was an author, outstanding speaker, broadcaster, debater and teacher. He was one of the first Bible prophecy teachers to reveal how secular philosophies would grow as evil strongholds in schools, businesses, homes, churches and governments.

Being on the cutting edge of end-times prophetic news and world events for more than five decades, he was known as a "prophetic statesman. He was an evangelist, public speaker, broadcaster, preacher and author. He explains today's news headlines are often very prophetic and that the signs are sometimes obvious, such as rumblings in the Middle East especially with Israel , economic turmoil, shifts in geopolitical policy, earthquakes, and other signs from heaven.

At other times, he notes the clues are more subtle, yet equally astounding to those who know Bible prophecy. He has done some ground-breaking research focusing on the Olivet Discourse and has an expository study of what Jesus said about the end-times in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke NO Harold Camping Late president of Family Radio, he taught that God had done away with the Church, and he maintained that the Holy Spirit had left the Church which had no power to proclaim the gospel.

He called for his followers to flee churches and form fellowships around his teachings. He claimed the Church Age began when the State of Israel was officially formed in May of , and then the Church Age ended 40 years later on May 21, His use of numerology and allegorical interpretations of Bible prophecy were well known.

He was famous for his failed prophecy concerning the return of Christ in September 6, , and two failed predictions of the rapture on May 21 and October 21, , along with the end of the world. Rather than admitting he was wrong, he stated the end would come very very quietly. He also claimed the two witnesses in Revelation were the Church bodily.

Having written over 30 books and booklets, he was the epitome of a heretic and a false prophet. He is a pastor, author, scholar, conference speaker and member of the Pre-Trib Study Group. NO David Chilton Late hero of the preterist movement. A liberal reformation theologian, he published articles and wrote books defending his brand of eschatology and theology. One critic wrote, "He is indeed a heretic who has denied the Church's historic creeds and confessions on the question of the Second Coming of Christ and the Final Judgment.

YES J. He authored and co-authored many books on Bible prophecy, and his organization continues to publish "Prophecy in the News" magazine. He was a diligent scholar, and had one of the longest reigns in Christian television. His very last writing speculated on the possibility of a rapture on Pentecost. He wrote previously about the Jewish custom of young Jewish women getting married on a Wednesday at Pentecost.

Recalling Jesus' parable in Matthew 25 about the wise and foolish virgins, he likened the Jewish bridal custom to the Bridegroom Jesus Christ, Matt. The ministry offers various publications and prophecy related resources at prophecyinthenews. He is an avid reader and researcher, and has several guest experts join him on the program to discuss important end-times topics, from the nation of Israel to the tribulation period. The ministry offers current broadcasts at prophecyinthenews.

YES Charles Clough A well-respected Bible scholar with a scientific background, he is a sought-after speaker and teacher. He has written specifically on God's pattern of judgment in Bible prophecy, and is an expert on interpreting Biblical text for the end-times. He is a professor, researcher, author and conference speaker. YES Larry W. He is a pastor, author, speaker and a teacher of Bible prophecy, typology and related studies. YES Robert Congdon A leading expert on the European Union and the Bible, he uniquely teaches about the coming Antichrist's religion and compares it to similar doctrines of today.

He began his ministry when he realized in the last 50 years British churches had seen a militant attack upon premillennialism doctrine and the literal, historical and grammatical Bible hermeneutic interpretation. He observed that as churches turned from a premillennial doctrinal view of prophecy to an amillennial-covenant position, they lost their sense of purpose and direction.

YES Terry L. Cook He is an expert on end-times geopolitical events, biometric identification technology, including smart cards, biochip transponder implants and radio-frequency identification RFID technology. He has authored several books on topics related to the coming kingdom of the Antichrist. NO Andrew Corbett Australian pastor who has written extensively on the end-times. He claims to understand what the Bible really says about the future and the rapture. He's an outspoken "partial preterist" who claims most Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled, though Jesus Christ is yet to return.

Like most preterists, he incorrectly claims the origins of the rapture began with 16th century Jesuit Francisco Ribera "who is the father of the futurist eschatological system. He also writes against the Left Behind teachings of Tim LaHaye and similar eschatology at andrewcorbett. YES Mal Couch Late writer who argued extensively against the preterist and post-trib rapture positions, he was an intelligent speaker on prophecy topics. He was founder and past president of Tyndale Theological Seminary. He authored many books, and had written and produced dozens of television documentaries related to current events and Bible prophecy.

NO F red R. He claims that his organization teaches directly from the Scriptures, not from traditions of men, and restores original Christianity for today. He speaks regularly on end-times events, teaches from the traditions of Seventh-Day Adventists Sabbath-keeping , and claims the Jews in Israel today are not the same as the Jews described in the Bible.

He is working on a similar version for the Old Testament. Apparently the present order, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is not quite right. He also claims the Trinity is a false doctrine, all found at cbcgindianapolis. He does not believe in a pre-tribulational rapture, and he is anti-trinitarian.

YES Robert L. Dean With academic training in Greek, Hebrew, theology, philosophy and history, he studies and teaches the Bible from the original languages. He is a sought after Bible prophecy teacher and speaker both in the United States and overseas. He speaks regularly at prophecy conferences, and is director of deanbible. He has difficulty with anything labeled "end-times" which he calls "madness" in one of his books, and thus is a sincere prophecy teacher sincerely wrong. He has had debates with scholars like Dr.

Tommy Ice. On a positive note, he is an excellent speaker on religion in government and politics, and is a great defender of the faith. He is editor of Biblical Worldview magazine, and president of American Vision at americanvision. He believes the Bible teaches a pre-prib rapture and a full seven-year tribulation period, ending with the physical return of Jesus, who will - after judging the nations - set up His millennial kingdom. A prolific author, he has written over 30 books on a variety of theological topics, including many on aspects of eschatology.

He speaks at conferences and has various radio programs in parts of the United States and the Philippines. He has also been an expert guest on Prophecy in the News with Gary Stearman. He is a scholar, researcher, lecturer, author, teacher and conference speaker. He devotes several months of the year to conference ministry, and is host of "Prophecy Today" weekly radio program. As a part of his ministry, he has written and produced several audio and video materials on Bible prophecy. Regarding the tribulation period, he believes many will come to Christ, but only those that have not heard the gospel message and rejected it before the rapture of the Church.

If they heard the gospel message before the rapture and rejected it they will not have another chance to accept it as they will be caused to believe a lie 2 Thessalonians He also suggests that those who receive the mark of the beast can change their minds, which a majority of scholars would disagree and Rev. In short, the kingdom that ushers in the Antichrist will be from the Eastern part of the old Roman Empire which make up the Muslim nations of today.

In his article, "A Thief In The Night - The Rapture" he argues for a pre-wrath rapture the Church is raptured after the appearance of the Antichrist, and just before events described in Revelation 6. Calling himself a "watcher" he closely monitors the world scene, and posts the latest prophecy signs at endtimesresearchministry. NO David Dolan He is a broadcast journalist formerly Jerusalem-based , and once served as news director at the Voice of Hope radio station in war-torn southern Lebanon.

Having lived in Israel for more than three decades, he has been near suicide bombings, developed relationships with various Israeli political and military leaders, and has become an expert on Israel and the Middle East. He has authored and co-authored books on Israel and the end-times. He states, "the 'pre-tribulation' rapture expectation is frankly not found by me in my personal studies of the Bible, despite having been taught that position at my church before moving to Israel.

Instead, he suggests first half of the prophesied seventieth week of Daniel was fulfilled during the three-plus year public ministry of Jesus in Israel, and the second half will be fulfilled at a future date. He writes articles for many Christian and secular publications , and offers email updates at ddolan. Has visited Israel dozens of times and has an extensive background in the historical study of Bible prophecy.

States that one of the great, lasting effects of visiting Israel is that any ideas one has that the Bible is myth or legend, and not history, are quickly dispelled. He publishes his library at ldolphin. Late Christian filmmaker, he made four end-times movies, and h e was considered the father of prophecy movies. During the s and s he produced and directed numerous Christian short films and feature-length movies. NO Scot A. Dryer He is an international teacher of Bible prophecy, terrorism and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

He wrongly contends the rapture does not occur until the end of the tribulation period, but does correctly argue that Christ will reign a literal years. He is an author, speaker and founder of profoundprophecy. YES Daymond Duck An advocate for helping lay people understand prophecy, he is a best-selling author of "easy to understand" prophecy books. He is a pastor, conference speaker, prophecy expert and defender of the pre-tribulation rapture.

YES Michael D. Evans An evangelist and award-winning syndicated journalist, he has served as a confidant to leaders in the Middle East for more than two decades. He has appeared on hundreds of network television and radio shows, has won more than fifteen national awards for his prime time specials based on his 31 books and five New York Times Bestsellers.

He has also produced 18 documentaries, many on Bible prophecy. His mission is "to guard, defend and protect the Jewish people He is founder of jerusalemprayerteam. YES John S. Feinberg A professor and department chair of Biblical and Systematic Theology, he is also general editor of Crossway's Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. He has authored and co-authored several books, and written scholarly papers on Bible prophecy and the rapture. He explains "who must prove what and how" about the timing of the rapture in 2 Thessalonians 2, and provides clear evidence from Scripture why the pretribulational position best explains the problems and issues students of the Bible sometimes have in those passages.

YES Les Feldick A popular television evangelist and Bible teacher, he teaches extensively on Bible prophecy, particularly on Daniel and Revelation, and he claims that Jesus never gave any hint to the rapture because His earthly ministry was directed solely to the Jew under the Law. Thus, the rapture was strictly a Pauline revelation personally from Jesus Christ, and is found nowhere else in scripture few scholars would agree that scripture references to the rapture are found only in the Pauline epistles.

He is self-taught and has suggested that he knows better than those who are among the world's finest theologians. A number of Bible teachers are critical of his teachings outside prophecy. He often teaches without notes, and can be misunderstood as he is not always methodical, but says plain sense reading from the Word is the clearest technique he knows. He provides his "Through the Bible" instruction at lesfeldick. YES Gary Fisher Evangelist and founder of Lion of Judah Ministries which circulates a bi-monthly teaching newsletter that tracks current events in relation to Bible prophecy.

The focus of the ministry is to make the soon return of Jesus an unavoidable issue. He is an author, teacher and speaker, he regularly travels and sponsors trips to Israel, and directs lionofjudahministry. As the former editor for Master Books, the world's largest publisher of creationism books, he now writes for a variety of publications, including the Jerusalem Post, WorldNetDaily, and OneNewsNow.

He incorporates his impressions gleaned from numerous trips to Israel, and blogs weekly on the "Israel Watch" section of raptureready. Having served under Armstrong as a minister in the Worldwide Church of God before sweeping doctrinal changes, he never wavered. His wacky prophecy teaching continues on "The Key of David" television broadcast, through the monthly magazine, "The Philadelphia Trumpet," and via booklets.

He claims, "God placed me into the office of a prophet," and "I am intimate with God in a way no one else is directly. He correctly suggests that those who commit the error of believing prophecy is unimportant is easily refuted when considering the book of Revelation, which is the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing just for reading it Revelation Because Bible prophecy is history written in advance, people tend to shy away from teaching the topic.

He contends the letters to the seven Churches were written to real churches that existed at the time, but also the sequence of the letters is an outline of the general condition of the Church in seven divisions of what we call the Church Age. He is director of jonsquillministries. She claims her book reveals the simple and perfect structure of Daniel. She points out that prophetic rules of interpretation hermeneutics are followed very consistently throughout all of Daniel's four visions, and that hermeneutics are developed from the Bible itself, useful in any denomination.

She believes there are many different definitions for the rapture, and considers the pre-tribulation rapture a "wholly unscriptural secret event. He is a Bible prophecy teacher and expert on the cults. As a British Christian versed in prophecy he could not help but see in the emerging European Superstate as the foundations of a one world government with a one world dictator at its head, the man whose Biblical names include " the Beast, " " the man of sin " and " the Antichrist.

YES Gary Frazier Considered one of today's top prophecy scholars with an emphasis on the Middle East, he has traveled to Israel more than times since the early 's. His ministry has taken over 7, ministers along with thousands of believers from all over the United States to the Holy Land. He is founder of Discovery Ministries, Inc. He is a professor, author and sought-after speaker on the subject of Bible prophecy. He often speaks on Christian radio and television programs. His extensive travels to the Middle East have contributed to his keen insight into Bible prophecy from an international perspective.

He has written many books on prophetic topics, including the digital age, the rapture and the Antichrist, including his popular book " Most Frequently Asked Questions About Prophecy. He has written a number of books and scholarly articles, including topics like premillennialism in the Old Testament, and a Messianic Jewish defense of Jesus as Messiah. He is founder and director of Ariel Ministries and ariel. He is a speaker, teacher, scholar and author. YES Mark A. Gabriel He is the author of more than half a dozen books on Islam. He has been a guest expert and speaker at many prophecy conferences, having a vast knowledge of Islamic history.

He relates today's events to the end-times, and he understands the role Satan plays in today's Muslim extremism. He is an author, speaker and researcher. YES Ray Gano Executive Director of Prophezine, he organizes prophecy conferences, performs interviews, and offers prophecy related material at prophezine. He hosts PZ Radio , a podcast offering Bible prophecy and world events commentary. He provides online responses to breaking news and current events. YES Anne T. Garcia Using the name Teresa Garcia for her media broadcasts, she is a well-studied author and speaker.

She has mastered the use of graphs, charts and time-lines backed up with scriptural references to help the everyday person, not the theological scholar, understand Bible prophecy. She hosts the radio and television program, "Understanding the End of the Age. She is an author, speaker and teacher, and director of fromthehidden.

NO Kenneth Gentry Developed post-millennial preterism, a newer, often confusing view of Bible prophecy. He once stated, "If you're familiar with the Apostles Creed, it simply says Christ is coming again and doesn't tell us much about it. So that generally was the earliest Church's description of eschatology. NO Peter D. Rather, he says we are continuing to experience a "New Exodus" of nations out of Babylon. This concept sees present-day Israel as a fraud, ignoring scriptures like Leviticus 26 and Isaiah His theology is just another twist on the old idea of the Church being "true Israel", leading to anti-Semitism within the body of Christ.

He claims to teach Christ-centered eschatology, not Israel-centered eschatology. He's also developed a newer timeline of Daniel's 70th week to the general sequence of the judgments described by the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls in Revelation. In his book "Red Moon Rising" he teaches the rapture takes place between the seals and first trumpet judgment, which happens before the tribulation period begins. Confused yet? YES Francisco Frank Gonzalez After several years teaching at two Spanish Bible Institutes and a strong desire to help others understand Bible prophecy, he concluded events in the book of Revelation could be best explained in chronological order.

He produces "Prophecy-In-Pictures," an internet teaching ministry at prophecywatch. He conducts the Annual Tulsa International Prophecy Conference, and is an excellent teacher of the basics of Bible prophecy. YES Ron Graff Author, pastor and teacher of Bible prophecy for over 30 years including the subjects of eschatology, technology, Israel and world affairs. Was a pioneer in the field of educational computer software, producing the first commercially available educational products for microcomputers, starting in He is a co-author, and he is also author of "The Prophecy Puzzle," a Windows based electronic book, and offers prophecy insights at "Prophecy Central" on bible-prophecy.

The site includes cutting-edge original reporting on end-times topics, from current events to the pre-tribulation rapture. He is a blogger, broadcaster, teacher and writer.

prophetic force a demystification of eschatology Manual

NO Robert Gundry One of the few ever booted out of the Evangelical Theological Society because of his use of a liberal Reformed approach to the New Testament called "redaction criticism. For example, once being dispensational and pre-tribulational, he turned against the pre-tribulation rapture view, then developed a new confusing type of post-tribulationism called "dispensational post-tribulationism.

YES John C. Hagee President of John Hagee Ministries, founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas which telecasts his global radio and television ministry. He has authored several books on Bible prophecy, is an excellent teacher, makes use of large charts when teaching prophecy, and is a proponent of last-days awareness and the coming rapture. His ministry has given millions of dollars toward bringing Soviet Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel. In recent years Hagee had been falsely accused of supporting "Dual Covenant Theology" which says the Jews have their own special covenant relationship with God and can therefore be saved by observing the laws of the Torah.

This pluralistic view is unbiblical, and is the position of many Catholics and non-evangelicals. A video of him denying that Jesus Christ came to "be" the Messiah has been taken out of context as he has repeatedly stated that he steadfastly believes redemption for all men comes through Jesus Christ alone. His ministry can be found at jhm.

Like his father, he has focused on end-times events and Bible prophecy. YES Wilfred Hahn Having a background as a global economist and strategist, he has written extensively on economics, money, politics and globalization in the end-times. Topics such as the coming global financial apocalypse, the demise of the dollar, and the reality of no buying or selling under a global dictator can be found in the "Eternal Value Review" at his website eternalvalue.

He regularly contributes to Midnight Call magazine, as well as being a respected author and conference speaker. YES Jeremy R. Hall A well-studied Bible prophecy teacher and lecturer, he is a conference speaker and author of many articles found at the Canadian ministry BereanWatchmen and bereanwatchmen. He hosts a prophecy conference in Saskatoon, SK, Canada annually where he offers several presentations, and has many guest Bible prophecy experts seen on this list.

He also speaks at churches and prophecy conferences throughout the year. NO Douglas Hamp Having a focused ministry on the end-times, he has extensively researched and written that for some time we have been witnessing the return of fallen angels in the form of aliens. Being a Hebrew scholar and expert on ancient languages, he suggests Daniel predicts that demonic entities will crossbreed with humans in order to destroy the image of God in the last days, just as humans were corrupted in the days of Noah described in Genesis 6.

At douglashamp. He is an author, researcher, lecturer and conference speaker. He is an excellent defender of the faith when it comes to cults, evolution and the New Age. He is also one of the most outspoken critics of the pre-tribulation rapture, calling it "anti-Semitic" eschatology. He claims followers of the pre-tribulation rapture have created a "false apocalyptic Jesus" and have not "mined the Bible for all its worth. However, scholars take issue with his anti-Israel position, and have problems with his eschatology, some calling it "strange theology.

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In his own words, he accepts orthodoxy over evangelicalism. He is a scholar, teacher, author, broadcaster and speaker, and has written many books. Produces the radio and television program "Warning" which gives political, religious and economic warnings to the world. He states the Church is in need of the true prophetic voice of God him for this last hour, and the life of a prophet him is of hardship and suffering, loneliness and rejection. Another doomsday prophet who rejects the pre-tribulation rapture, his radio program might as well be named "Tribulation. Harris Founder of Midnight Ministries, Inc.

Entitled "Midnight's Cry," he claims there are plenty of books detailing the rapture or the Second Coming, but only one tells the complete truth his, of course. A preview of the book sheds light on his theology. There are more than 50 "thought" questions for readers to ponder which he obviously has the answers to , and he suggests that anyone who believes in a pre-trib rapture doesn't truly know the Lord. Finally someone has figured it out. He also offers a newsletter on prophetic events happening today. Having written fascinating books on the end-times, he was one of the few theologians to discuss the Nephilim fallen angels described in the Old Testament , and their impact during the tribulation period.

A strong supporter of the pre-tribulation rapture, he was a conference speaker and radio personality, and founder of neph. Often he was a featured guest on secular radio programs, allowing him to share Bible prophecy to broad audience. He is a professor, researcher, scholar, theologian, author and conference speaker.

He is a prolific writer, and goes to great lengths to remind the reader to always distinguish between fact, assumption, and speculation. He is known for his academic excellence, for being a practical teacher and a prominent author. YES Mark Hitchcock He has earned himself a reputation as one of the most sought-after authorities in Bible prophecy for this present generation. He has written more than a dozen easy-to-read books on topics that clarify Biblical prophecy for the general reader.

Often featured as a prophecy expert on secular news programs, he is able to discuss the topic openly to the masses. He is a conference speaker, pastor, author, teacher, scholar and lawyer. He has authored over 30 books and hosts the daily radio broadcast "Hope for Today. He offers a special teaching series on God's plan for Israel at davidhocking.

Bible Study Outline on the End Times Prophecy (ESCHATOLOGY)

He is a scholar, teacher, pastor and sought after conference speaker. YES Tom Thomas Horn He has extensively researched secret government and military programs for super soldiers, human enhancement and transhumanism genetics. He suggests these programs have been underway for many years as a means of national defense. He shows how this technology is really part of the end-times and demonic forces intent on developing a master race of super humans similar to the Nephilim described in Genesis 6.

He supports the idea that the Antichrist will inhabit a genetically altered man. He is best known for The Raiders News Network at raidersnewsnetwork. He has been featured on the History channel, and is often a guest speaker on radio and television programs, and at conferences. He hosts several conferences annually, including live seminars at worldviewweekend. He has written several books, and is a sought after speaker.

He is a gifted teacher, speaker and author. As an evangelist, he is in partnership with fellow Irish Pastor Jack Anderson, where they preach the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation coming of the Lord Jesus to the air for His own Redeemed people, and the need for living in the light of the Lord near return. They are teachers, speakers, and they produce multimedia sermons at treasuredtruthtoday.

YES Dave Hunt Late author and co-author of more than 30 books dealing with incursion into Western culture, religion, and the Church itself, including Eastern philosophies, New Age thinking, ecumenism between Catholics and Protestants, and other heretical teachings. He tackled these controversial topics with much vigor. He was a great Bible prophecy teacher, and believed the Catholic Church is the woman who rides the beast in Revelation He had numerous speaking engagements worldwide, was a frequent radio and TV talk-show guest, and had engaged in many debates with Catholic apologists.

His organization continues to publish a free monthly newsletter, "The Berean Call. A respected author and pastor, he was a long-time prophecy teacher and "Your Watchman on the Wall. He was publisher of "The Prophetic Observer" magazine, and ministry materials are offered at swrc.

He is very intelligent and well qualified, having earned his PhD in systematic theology, specializing in eschatology. A prominent defender of the pre-tribulation rapture, he is a pastor, scholar, theologian and professor. He speaks and debates at several conferences annually. YES Harry A. Ironside He was a Canadian-American Bible scholar, theologian, lecturer, teacher, preacher, pastor, and author in the late 19th- and early 20th centuries.

He published many commentaries and Bible teaching pamphlets, and is well known for his outstanding expository teaching on the book of Revelation long before the establishment of Israel , still referenced by Bible prophecy students and teachers today. He also developed an accompanying chart on Revelation that can be found on permanent display at various churches for the instruction of their members.

YES W. Terry James Has authored more than a dozen books on prophecy, and he is considered an authority on current events related to the end-times. He is co-founder of raptureready. Though mostly blind, he has written dozens of articles, speaks at conferences, and is a pastor, teacher and scholar. YES Grant R. Jeffrey Late Canadian Bible scholar blessed with an incredible grasp of world events and their relation to prophecy. He leaned toward the more sensational aspects of Christianity, had written many books, and had produced various materials on Bible prophecy topics at grantjeffrey.

He once mistakenly predicted the timing of the Second Coming from correlating data on recurring cycles of ancient Israel, but did admit he was wrong. His book, "The Signature of God" describes how events in Bible prophecy are based on the ancient Jewish lunar-solar calendar composed of a day year. He was passionate about research and had a personal library of over 7, books on prophecy, theology, Church history and biblical archaeology. He was a gifted researcher, speaker, teacher and author. He is best known for his bold teaching on difficult Bible topics, and defending the faith against cults.

He offers a comprehensive verse-by-verse, year-long study on the book of Revelation. He is a pastor, speaker, commentator, scholar and author. YES Jerry B. Jenkins The former vice president for publishing Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, and the former editor of Moody Magazine, he is the author of more than books, including the popular Left Behind series which he co-authored with Dr.

Tim LaHaye. He is a sought after author and speaker, and is a Christian humorist. A major point of disagreement with many scholars is his contention that only the Jews will have the opportunity to be saved during the tribulation period. He is a pastor, author, teacher, lecturer and highly sought-after conference speaker. He offers several resources on prophecy and Christian topics at turningpointonline. Featured speakers make bizarre claims and predictions, and some have falsely predicted the start of the tribulation.

Typical for these types of ministries, the basis is fear-mongering and manipulation, similar to cults. He calls himself an apostle, and his wife, Leslie, is a prophetess. He is also a self-proclaimed prophet, and has produced an anti-rapture book. Not surprising. YES Joel Joseph Founder of "The Prophetic Scroll", an end-times ministry that began after years of experience as a journalist and photographer covering many conflicts and wars. This led him on a journey into Bible prophecy in the early s, which eventually became an urgent call to bring hope and salvation to the lost.

He states the ministry has a "Jewish flavor" or better said, an "Abrahamic expression of the Kingdom of God. He has also created online videos, with much of his writings included at thepropheticscroll. He is like many self-proclaimed prophets who deny the pre-tribulation rapture, and claims all Christians will suffer under the Antichrist. He is beholden to the pre-wrath rapture position, suggesting Christians will be raptured just before the wrath of God and Armageddon ensue.

He calls pre-trib teachers "false prophets" of the final days who mislead the elect.