An Invisible Sign of My Own

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  1. The Fine Art of Quitting
  3. An Invisible Sign
  4. Aimee Bender

The Fine Art of Quitting

The novel works best when Bender shakes free of the need to assign everything nicely into chapters, instead devoting pages to depicting Mona as she worries about death, stares at the slanted parallelograms of her alarm clock's digital display or, at the very end, creates a heartbreaking fairy tale to comfort one of her students.

In these moments, her writing becomes translucent, reminding us that she's the rare writer who, no matter how far beyond plausible a situation is, reveals her own pain and heart in describing it. In "An Invisible Sign of My Own," Bender's main character must hold all that warped twitchery within the structured confines of a novel -- a difficult task that Bender accomplishes nicely, though you wish, in a way, she didn't feel she had to.

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  • The Fine Art of Quitting.
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Тайный знак - An Invisible Sign, 2011

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An Invisible Sign

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Kushner slurs Khashoggi as "terrorist"? No, China didn't steal our jobs. Patterns in life and nature help her to find pathways through a world that is closing in on her. She fantasizes about new ways to lose, perhaps because it protects her against future heartbreak. Her skillful ability to sever ties empowers her, but often incapacitates her when facing new opportunities, like meeting the handsome science teacher at school.

And while the specifics may vary, all of us have endured loss in some way. Through Mona, we are forced to face our own personal fears, our inabilities to connect, our losses, and our hardships, and examine the ways in which we avoid or confront them. If you create an Off the Shelf account, you'll be able to save books to your personal bookshelf, and be eligible for free books and other good stuff. Search for: Search Articles.

Aimee Bender

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