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One assumption and modern Archaeology is heavily based in culturally biased assumptions that should be considered:. Only groups that have made mountains their homes with generations of adaptations would survive together navigating those mountains—they probably would not leave the mountains then for the savannas. The ancient evidence for humans in Indonesia, China, Australia, and San Diego and they all share similarities in tech and choice of materials and choice of foods , the evidence does not point to a group among them that were descendant from groups migrating from extreme elevations and the ice of the Himalayas.

In general, humans of any age, the majority are not attracted to ice living, which is why we do not see many sites linking cultures in Siberia, Alaska, and Canada. America is the theory that a group was trapped on a natural raft of tangled reeds and roots that breaks off from the coast of one continent, and the monkeys survived the Atlantic crossing.

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When I took the class only a few years ago that was the consensus theory for monkey migration millions of years ago. My professor published a peer-reviewed paper one of many in a scientific journal on dental evolution of primates while I was taking that class on primates. Archaeologists are very territorial and prefer to draw lines in the sand, both in time and space. Not all archaeologists just those that sit in their elevated offices and the same ones that are too old to do proper field work. Otherwise they would see the writing on the walls, literally. From that professors perspective, there was an academic wall built to subvert research that interconnected Mexico and USA.

I think we tend to forget that traditional Mexicans are Native Americans. I too am an archaeologist with geo-archaeology as my 2nd Masters. Look I was raised in the Bible belt and had perfect church attendance growing up, mom was Sunday School Teacher. I believe in the teachings of the Bible, but I disagree with many politically driven interpretations.

If you have to ignore science in order to be religious then you are useless to the future generations—to your kids. History will judge you based on that political agenda to put science down and force feed their specific brand of religion. Believing that the world is years old is just stupid no really, shows no education based on facts , and not based on anything but an Arch-Bishops interpretation of all the lineages mentioned in Old Testament added up together on his pad of paper.

If there was a H. If there was a human Adam and Eve, then they existed 7 million years ago and likely much longer ago in Africa. All nations want to prove that they are the 1st peoples, so regional independent evolution always raises its head in times of paradigm change. Current world level archaeology is not based in the scientific method—as stated in this article.

We should not base the archaeology process on proving ideological assumptions at all costs. Assumption based on cultural and ideological perspective of Europeans. The American Dominators wanted to show that Natives were interlopers that had wandered into a land, savages without culture, they new not what to do with and only within hundreds or maybe years that was a hard sell—Natives owned America over years throws a wrench into selling genocide to a European citizenship in the s. They concluded the American Moundbuilder Culture were European because of the assumption that Natives did not have the technology.

Largely a cover up, since Spain conquered the cities around Lake Texcoco in Mexico, the main metropolitan area was a bigger city than any Spanish city of that time. They had elevated technology, just not ships that could haul around horses in armor and tons of steel swords. The Spainish came prepared for implementing genocide and above all culture-cide.

Only European religious perspectives would govern the savages. No archaeology is still where Galileo and Newton were when they tried to suggest methods akin to scientific facts. Religions of many conflicting regions control current world archaeology, but with the internet that is falling to the wayside.

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The scientific method is systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypothesis. Tests of hypotheses come from carefully controlled experiments that gather empirical data. As we can see in this article archaeology is trying to move into a scientific based process. A person needs to reproduce the fieldwork and the lab work and openly discuss all possibilities that explain the evidence before they shoot down—this is generally not done. Great claims require great evidence from the opposing view that proves the weaknesses of the scientifically produced data, not just saying: there is no evidence of culture in that area prior, so your data must be wrong.

Only recently did Pre-Clovis sites start to be honored in Archaeology.

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This method will generally not produce a new theory, but reinforce old theories instead. This is however how archaeology sees the scientific method. Belief drives world archaeology NOT scientific method. There is evidence of Neanderthals reaching Islands. Many of the ancient sites away from Africa involve islands, but ancient archaeologist in general across the world will not even think to look for island evidence because they assume ancient humans were stupid and could not paddle tangled logs across a waterway.

It is likely boats turned us into modern humans hundreds of thousands of years ago, possibly a million or more. In general, I trust the field workers interpretations, over the accepted views of University leaders. This collapse of the year Out-of-Africa paradigm is long overdue, but we still originated in Africa as far as the recovered scientific evidence is concerned, we our human ancestors just left a million years ago, at least— years ago is a joke, pushing that to years ago will not help the scientific process when evidence is building for much longer , across the world there are sites well over that age that have cultural and advancing technological achievements that show up on other continents.

Directors would say, do not dig further down if you want a career in this region of archaeology. We will begin to see more and more evidence from sites where fieldworkers have been afraid to show their scientific conclusions for fear of ideological persecution. I have a hypothesis. As Neanderthals in several places in Europe got extinct possible due to human competition, several human groups who early left Africa might be got that same fate for the same reason — others homini competition. That would explain why we have found earlier out of Africa modern humans remains, despite most of today non african DNA relates to the 60 thousand years old migration.

My grandparents were born only 30 miles from Gobekli Tepe. Gobekli Tepe is the source and cradle of civilization for all humanity and races. Take your advice and stick it up your sphincter. We did try to extract DNA but to date there is none,.. Did they look for DNA in just bones or also teeth? Why do all models suppose a migration west towards asia? I fathom it were possible at one time in the past to cross iceland to greenland by foot if not by ship.

By ship maybe, but Iceland has always been an island, and it would be tens of thousands of years before someone invented a ship capable of crossing an ocean. Developed as they are like an Eoraptor which lived million years ago, but survived from the catastrophe of Earth caused extinction in animals.

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The ruins we can find and carbon dated, genetically dated or dated through the tool they use. Where original H. The original and well developed H. Until they develop and release their aggressive instincts and developed tools to protect themselves, say thousand years ago.

There is no way that man, in the very few years of the industrial age that have passed, could have produced sufficient pollution to affect life threatened climate warming over the next years. When volcanoes were erupting all over the Earth and atmospheric changes were taking place because of the millions of tons of gasses emitted during those processes the atmospheric changes took thousands of years, not a mere century or three.

The globalists of today have agenda disguised as concern for the future of mankind. Those agenda are designed to give a few rich and powerful people control over all others. Agenda is the tool cleverly designed to appear as a very human interest plan for creating everything sustainable in order that the Earth may continue to exist without negative impact on mankind. Agenda is a plan by shadow organizations controlling governments to take control of everyone and everything in the World for their profit. The U. Agenda says it will do so by creating jobs that pay better wages and higher more workers.

In actuality, they are doing it right now using refugees, moving them all over the World to live for free on the citizens of their host countries, without working. This cause redistribution of wealth and if allowed to continue will bring poverty on all the peoples of Earth for the benefit of a few.

Kinda like what Mao Tse Tung did. Each of these is a think tank comprised of past and present members of high, powerful positions in industry, banking, government, military, science and other disciplines whose combined expertise would support forming a One World Government centered in the United Nations. The people of the World must unite and destroy the United Nations by taking away all funding and allow the World to adjust its climate without interference by man for profit and control.

Uh…if language was a large indicator of modern man, since language requires rational thought, where is the evidence of language arising out of Africa. So far, I have read nothing about language development from Africa. In fact, the first languages find their roots in the Fertile Crescent in the area between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers. These so-called modern discoveries place their assumptions first and then automatically reject any theory not in line with their assumptions. The single assumption is evolution trumps everything, and there is an automatic rejection of any hypothesis not in agreement with human evolution from the apes.

Apes are apes and not human. Human are human and not animal. There was no cross species, and there is no evidence for cross species mating. Do you really think that the Hominin cranium expanded in the absence of language? Language, that is, tools of sound which indicated both objects and behaviors and allowed the recording and transmission over generations of previous experience drove the enlargement of the Hominin cranium. Data storage and transmission. For Hominins in general, language was almost certainly our earliest tool, and teacher our oldest profession. You begin by reading into my remarks fallacy of presumption and then create a straw man argument.

Try using reason and being more clear. Semper fi, Alonzo. Sources and info: Display Search - worldwide leader in display market research. Cellular phones sold today. Money spent on videogames today. Internet users in the world today. Emails sent today. Sources and info: The Radicati Group. Blog posts written today. Tweets sent today. Google searches today. Sources and info: comScore Google Inc.

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Forest loss this year hectares. Land lost to soil erosion this year ha. CO2 emissions this year tons. Desertification this year hectares.

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Undernourished people in the world. Overweight people in the world. Obese people in the world. People who died of hunger today. Money spent for obesity related diseases in the USA today. Money spent on weight loss programs in the USA today. Water consumed this year million L. Deaths caused by water related diseases this year. We want to understand how we got here, what our purpose is, and how we can be happier and more peaceful. We seek to make progress, and this can only come by better understanding the truth of things.

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As machines take over more of the basic repetitive thinking we have been forced to do to survive and progress, we will be freed to let our minds expand. The hive mind will consider more complex questions and share our answers more widely. How can this lead to anything other than translightenment!

Rio Rolls Over and the Tri World Rolls On - Triathlon Training

Much like the concept of becoming transhuman, the difficult part will be knowing that we have progressed from simply being humans, to becoming an altogether different species, one that is highly augmented by technology. To be in a state of translightenment, we will need to have a deep understanding about our existence and our very human desire to be peaceful, progressive, and prosperous. In the future, we allow machines to do repetitive, dangerous, and overly complicated tasks, while we will focus on creative thinking and finding ever increasing ways to help every member of society to achieve their best state of being.

It sounds somewhat like nirvana, or heaven on Earth, yet I truly believe this future is possible. Previous Next. We will most definitely become smarter, but does that mean we will be more enlightened? How will we know we have reached this point? Scott Klososky T May 10th, Categories: Technology Story Tags: education , future technology , hive mind , knowledge sharing.

About the Author: Scott Klososky. Throughout his career, Scott Klososky has stood on the nexus between technology and humanity.