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Stephen's Sewickley St. He suggested that I change the headline back, saying that Father Gavancho was definitely kicked out because of this homily. The pastor of his parish, Our Lady of Sorrows in Santa Barbara, asked him to meet privately at 6pm on Tuesday, two days after delivering the homily.

The pastor told him that he had to get out of the rectory that evening. Gavancho spent that night in a hotel, with as many of his belonging as he could stuff into his car stored there. Gavancho had been resident in the parish for only six weeks. The next day he reported to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles vicar for clergy office.

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He was told that his right to say mass in Los Angeles was being removed. Gavancho asked why. The above homily was on the list. The priest gave me a couple of examples. Gavancho said at no point was he allowed to defend himself. The decision to oust him was made without his input. This is the second time he has been asked to leave a California diocese. He came to Los Angeles from Santa Rosa, where he had gone after friction in the Archdiocese of Chicago, his home diocese. If it talks about the poor, I preach on the poor. I defended immigrants in a homily not long ago.

Gavancho said at his Santa Barbara assignment, he tried to be on his best behavior. But here he is, with nowhere to go. In our conversation, Gavancho expressed concern that people would think that he reached out to me. He has planned to fly back on October He thought it would be a normal visit back home, but now the flight back may be a one-way trip. He writes:. Father Juan Carlos had been in the Santa Rosa Diocese for years, and prior to his most recent assignment up in Lake County had been the pastor of my parish, St.

Sermons Archive - Emmanuel Baptist Church

Thomas Aquinas in Napa. When we learned that he was being assigned to St. Thomas, many of us were very happy, as he had reputation for being solidly orthodox and celebrating the liturgy in a reverent manner. While both of these things were true, he only lasted a year as pastor at our parish, and while some might claim it was because of preaching homilies like this, I can tell you that he was removed despite preaching homilies like this.

The real problem was that he had poor administrative skills, taking a parish that was struggling, but making ends meet, and within a single year putting it deep into the red, so much so that some of us wondered if the Diocese would just end up closing the parish if things continued as they were. He was difficult to get along with, for both members of the Anglo and Latino communities at our parish, both of which dwindled in the year he was here. Father Juan Carlos Gavancho, a priest originally from the Archdiocese of Chicago who had been serving at Our Lady of Sorrows parish in Santa Barbara since early July, was asked to leave that assignment on August 29 and will no longer be serving in our parish or in the Archdiocese.

Contrary to rumors and reports, Father Gavancho was asked to leave not due to the content of his homily on Sunday August 26, but rather because of issues with his interpersonal relationships with parish staff and parishioners. The Archdiocese is providing financial assistance during his transition back to the Archdiocese of Chicago, his home diocese. Did the pastor really have this — calling Gavancho into a meeting on a Tuesday night, and telling him to get his things and leave the rectory that night — all planned before Gavancho gave that homily?

I find that hard to believe. I mean, I grant that there might have been other reasons to give Gavancho the heave-ho, but it is impossible to believe that this homily had nothing at all to do with it. Furthermore, if Gavancho is telling the truth, he was not given the opportunity to explain or defend himself before his fate was decided. That is not just. If he is spinning the story, then I hope the Archdiocese of LA will give us a more complete and accurate version.

Bottom line: in fairness, we have to consider that Father Gavancho bears some fault for what happened to him. It is highly unusual for a priest to bounce out of three dioceses in such a short time. Prudence tells us to be careful not to draw firm conclusions without more information.

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Friends, many of you have messaged me asking about a priest, Fr. I just spoke to Father Gavancho, who wants to respond to what the Our Lady of Sorrows parish website says. He denies unequivocally that he had any problems with the parish staff at Our Lady of Sorrows. He says he got along with everyone. He has no insurance, no salary, no severance pay. I am forwarding all of your letters for Father Gavancho to him. He is going to try to respond to all of you via e-mail when he gets the opportunity.

It is entirely possible that Gavancho was tossed from Our Lady of Sorrows over this homily, AND that he has personal issues that make him a difficult priest to work with. I am updating this story with credible information as it comes in. I am passing along all emails that come in to me for Father Gavancho to him. One was from a solid priest, someone I know to be very orthodox, reporting that Father Gavancho has a hard time getting along with people, even those who want to help him.

I also received this from Father Gavancho, who asks me to post this on his behalf. And it remains a fantastic homily, in my view. If someone would have told me a week ago that I will be in this situation I would have not believed it. But now that I am in the middle of this confusion and after what happened I think is important for me to speak out and to give my version of the events, and by doing so trying to answer some important questions. First of all, I want to thank every one who has expressd their support and offer their help.

I am overwelmed by this.

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  4. From the botton of my heart, thank you. Without your prayers and expressions of suppiort I will be lost.

    The Sermon That Cost A Priest His Job

    I want to say, I never planned for this. I have lost many thigns that I wanted to keep in this turmoil. I do not have anything to do with this news getting out there in social media. I just let people do what they wanted to do. I neither encorage them, nor discourange them to do it. In the meeting there was a deacon as a witness.

    Tomorrow in your meeting with the vicar for priests, they will let you know the reasons for this. Beginning now you are not to have any ministry in Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, please give me now the keys of the parish, the car, and the house, and everything that belongs to the Parish. You have now to go to your room pack a suitcase and take clothing for a week, you have a hour. We will hire a Moving Company, they will pack the rest of your things and they will be delivered to you to an adress that you can priovide us. This is all. So I went up to my room and tried to staff my car with as many things as I could.

    I also took some impoprtant things from my office. Father Cesar was all the time watching me, probably making sure I leave. I left the Rectory totally ignorant of the reason and shocked for what just happened. So he went into his office and came back with sheet of paper with some points, maybe three pages or so, and begin to enumerate several points. I will not waist time to mention them because they all were about so little things, some were true but exagerated, some were totally false.

    It is clear that the reason that Father Cesar had to through me out in this way was not only the homily. It was also, I believe, the awareness he had from the beginning of the kind of priest I am, very different from him. He wanted me out and only was waiting for a bigger excuse, which was the homily. What might it look like to walk that path deliberately in your context?

    Commentary , James , [], , Craig R. There is simply no way around it. So the question we have to ask is this: 'When will we stop ignoring the central teaching of Scripture and start walking humbly with our God? Includes detailed textual notes. Indeed, Cain Hope Felder observes that James provides what is perhaps the strongest castigation of class discrimination in the New Testament -- or for that matter, any discrimination based on outward appearance -- and that these words have particular pertinence for African-Americans who still experience such discrimination daily.

    Wall, Baylor University Christian Ethics , Clendenin, Journey with Jesus Foundation. Recommended articles from ATLAS, an online collection of religion and theology journals, are linked below. Birch, Bruce C.