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These two broken souls do not have anything different from those in other damaged love stories. Each have past tragedy. Each have a void in their souls. Neither is looking to fill those voids. What makes them unique? For me, it is a deep rooted connection and developing love stemming from a child. One girl far away in a place of peace, gone too soon. The other a quiet soul whose presence begs for goodness I could never recap the story without taking away the magic. So I say that this is emotional and tragic. I will also say that it is chalk-full of insta-everything. From first encounters and glances, small touches, to the complete claiming of hearts, Cole and Emmy are in deep.

I can't eat. I can't even grieve anymore. It's all about you. Everything is about you. And I'm his. More than I ever thought My present-warm, golden, promising. Alive without stopping. I overlooked the insta-feels and embraced this story like crazy. Cole and Emmy were an enigma to me as M. Leighton made a connection so much more than libido driven.

The simple happiness and smile from Emmy's daughter was a drawing force to them and for that I applaud the author. Cole not only stole Emmy's soul but he owned and worshipped her body like no one ever could. There was passion, heat, panty dropping moments wow Overall, I completely loved it. I loved the deep rooted emotion and the dark sad quality that was always on the edge of becoming overwhelming. I loved the push and pull of want, the good and the bad of times past. I especially loved the pain and pleasure and the loss and survival Oh the overall redemption of two surviving souls!

View all 27 comments. Mar 09, AJ rated it it was ok Shelves: aestas-made-me-read-it , drama , steamy , romantic. But in this case I think there was just too much drama. Eden and her young daughter, Emmy, have just moved to a small coastal town. Running from the horrors of 2. Running from the horrors of their past, Eden is determined to start afresh and provide a happy and stable life for Emmy, who requires a lot of her attention. While walking along the cold beach one day, they see a man building an elaborate sandcastle.

He is gorgeous, but seems distant and closed off, but Eden is immediately intrigued by him. From talking to townfolk, she learns that his name is Cole and that he is dealing with his own traumatic past. And after a few run ins, intense staring, and unexpected visits, it very quickly becomes clear that he is equally as drawn to her. Sometimes I think broken people gravitate toward one another, like our shattered pieces connect on a level that unscarred people never know.

Things develop very quickly between Eden and Cole. Their encounters may be brief, but each one affects them deeply , pulling them closer and closer together. The chemistry between them sizzles, and they are both only too keen to explore that. But there are intense feelings mixed in with all of the mad lust. There are some issues for Eden to overcome in order for them to be together, but Cole is patient and gentle with her, while still being sexy as all hell. It melted me to see them together. But as wonderful as he is, Cole is broken. And Eden wants him regardless of all that.

More than I ever thought I could be. But the continual back and forth between his need to be with Eden and his need to wallow in his torment just got a little bit too much for me. I never wanted to feel again. Anything at all, other than that gut-wrenching sadness that reminds me of what happened. Of who I am and what I did. I never wanted to feel hope or love or desire again. At least not anything good. I only deserve pain and heartache and sadness. And guilt. Suffocating guilt. It was at this point that I actually put the book down because rather than feeling heartbroken, I was just annoyed.

How to Write a Bestselling Book This Year — The Definitive Resource List and How-To Guide

And just in case my mood was affecting my reaction to the book, I went off to read something else. But then I came back to this one, and felt exactly the same. And then there was the ending, which I thought was overly-dramatic and seemed very out-of-the-blue. Of course I went for the option of the happy ending, rwhich was sweet. And then I read the alternate ending leading to a sequel out of curiosity, and all I can say is… WTF? It seems that a lot of other readers are falling in love with it, which is great, and I can certainly see the appeal.

But there was just too much in the way for me to really connect with the characters and get swept up in the story like I wanted. It was ok. View all 11 comments. Feb 26, Shelly Crane rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-books. My, my, my. I haven't been this affected and yet, not I was worried, naturally, from the first page, when he comes off with the attitude and off-kilter sexiness that you know is going to drive her wild and be this un-contained beast throughout the book.

BUT instead of making him the complete jerk that he could have been, and that I see SO much in books lately and I'm getting pretty tired of it actually, she used his pain and made him something we see in each of ourselves, something so real and tangible it lifted right off the page. Eden and Emmy were real and adorable and heart-wrenching.

What happened to them was awful and should never happen to anyone. Mixing their story's heartbreak with Cole's was just like two flames mixing together, the blue and the red, the hot and the hotter, but they somehow stabilized and make it work. And that's exactly what she told me while we were texting about the book - I wanted the story to focus on the fallout, the recovery, the "getting better", not the abuse.

That's not what the story should be about. And the book was different. When these two get together? Yikes, the sparks burned my fingers. When he looks and says things to her daughter? Your heart will melt right out of your chest. When he finally "gets it"? Now, this is going to be one of those things that I know is going to be an amazing series once I finish. But it was also an amazing stand-alone. How is that possible?

Because Michelle lets your choose your ending. You can either pick the one that lets you end it as a stand-alone, or you can pick the one that lets you continue on with the story and get so much more mystery out of it. I, of course, can't let a mystery go. I read both endings.

And WOW. I was happy with the stand-alone ending, but when I read the continue-to-next-book ending, I wanted to call Michelle up on my cell, because I had been texting her all day as I read this ARC, and say "How could you do this!! I will not deter you from reading the stand-alone ending. I was so content with it. It's in there, in your brain. You're screwed.

Other ending, obliterated. A big 5 out of 5 stars from me. This book will take all the rules that you think you know of the way a book boyfriend is supposed to act and obliterate them.

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It haunts, it hurts in your guts, it makes you feel it in your toes, it reaches in your lungs and it makes you breathe again. View 1 comment. But after that it just went way too fast, too much "insta-love".. Things I liked: - Emmy She was very cute and I liked her - The beginning of the story - The beach - The main characters: I liked them both seperately from each other. Things I didn't like: - How fast their relationship develops.

He is a hermit for years but all of a sudden he's not anymore. All of a sudden th 2. All of a sudden they're having sex and are always together. It just wasn't a really natural progression and felt a bit forced. For example: view spoiler [All of a sudden him being married - not cool. The whole thing with Emmy's dad showing up I mean Also the thing that happens with Emmy near the end I find it hard to believe that a girl who is so wise for her age would do that.

The happy ending was a little rushed and felt unfinished. The second ending was so weird and kind of ruined the book for me. All in all , I think this book lacks some much needed depth and I think it's a shame, because I really wanted to like it too. Oh well, can't win them all I guess. View all 4 comments. Apr 06, Libby Harrison rated it did not like it Shelves: tear-jerking , already-married , cheating , manwhore , abuse , cringe-scene , no-hea , rape , poor-taste , not-romance.

Really liked it! And the ending We can sense early on that Eden and her daughter, Emmy, are running away from a terrible past. Walking on the beach of their new hometown, they see Cole building a sandcastle loo 4 Heartbreaking Stars!!! Walking on the beach of their new hometown, they see Cole building a sandcastle looking lost and alone. Eden is disturbed at the pull she feels towards the stranger.

The pull, the awareness, was instant. It was magnetic and unexplainable. Their relationship felt like it was going too fast and only a physical attraction missing that element of something more meaningful but then the author managed to slow it down some and their past were slowly unveiled. And they were separately devastating and unthinkable. I do have a soft spot for a man who falls in love with a single mother and her child. Where once Cole was comforted in his misery and Eden's only focus in life are hers and Emmy's safety, they found something beyond misery and fear in each other.

We've both lost so much, paid so dearly for what we have left, for what we were allowed to keep. Maybe, just maybe, it's enough to make a whole. It's about two broken people resigned to their misery and fate, tied to their pasts, but unexpectedly find each other and try to navigate their way to each other, to shed some of the chains of the past and find hope for a better future. The ending of this book is unique. It has a nice HEA ending and can be read as a fully complete standalone View all 22 comments. How do I tell you just how amazing a book is especially when it is one that took me on a beautiful emotional roller coaster ride??

When it is a book that as you begin from page one, you can feel the story slowly weaving itself into the fabric of your soul Well, Pocketful of Sand did just that I seriously went through so much in this book And no surprise since this is a M. Leighton novel. But, truly, this book How do I tell you just how amazing a book is especially when it is one that took me on a beautiful emotional roller coaster ride?? But, truly, this book eased it's way in to my heart.

I laughed I got excited I cried I can count how many books that have made me cry on one hand and this one hit me at least three times Were they sad tears?? Joyful tears?? But I will tell you.. A book that I can connect with, that evokes such strong emotions from me, truly shows the brilliant talent that has been written in the pages of this book.

The beautiful love story that is laid out in front of us produces a strong connection to the intense well developed characters of Cole and Eden. Right from the beginning you are pulled in to Eden's life and are ever curious as to why she is where she is at this moment. I adore Eden and not only is she trying to find her footing in this world, she is a wonderful single mother to the stunning little Emmy These two captured my heart with amazing scenes that once you find out more of the backstory; will leave you reeling But lets bring in Cole and discuss how much of an impact he brings on their lives He, who already has a past full of baggage, fights the attraction he has with Eden I don't want to give too much Leighton does something that I have not seen before and BAM I am totally going crazy here I can't tell more View all 7 comments.

Feb 10, Valerie rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , romance. So good! I need great characters. Only if they let each other in and trust. She has great reasons for it. Cole feels guilt. So much guilt that he pushes OMG! So much guilt that he pushes everyone away to live in his grief. He has great reasons too. We know parts of his guilt but not all right away.

This story is a masterful puzzle that displays the beautiful story one piece at a time. The author tells us enough to understand the characters but not all the details. The combination held my interest so well that I read it pretty much straight through. I never felt like I missed a moment. I was anxious to get to the next meeting with Cole and Eden. And this was a perfect style to make that happen. I adored Emmy. My heart broke for her stress and anxiety.

When I discovered the cause, my mama bear claws were out in full force. This character…all of these characters invoked strong emotions in me. An interesting twist turns up near the end. Only a brilliant story teller can pull that off. Some books that bring the broken characters are emotional and hard to read. This one was emotional but not hard to read. I raced through it and loved every minute. Leighton before, you will definitely want to get this one soon. Her books have it all. Apr 21, Smitten's Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: three-and-a-half-stars , rape , vulnerable-hero , breaking-down-walls , plot-twist , dark , angst-filled-reads , domestic-child-abuse , grief.

That's what happened with Pocketful of Sand. This is the tragic story of a single mother, who is on the run from her secrets and a broken hero, who has his own set of demons, coming together to heal one another's wounds, left by their traumatic pasts. I didn't dislike it. But I almost felt that Eden and Cole's relationship development was a bit blink-and-you'll-miss-it. One minute Cole was a mysterious, apparently crazy, almost-mute stranger and then the next thing you know, they're bumping uglies.

I kind of felt like, with their fragility, they needed a slow burn and the chance to build a solid foundation that they would be sure wouldn't crumble. I didn't get that, at all. And can I just say, what the hell kind of genius is Eden's little girl? Like, seriously, what six-year-old notices the way adults look at one another??

Most six-year-olds I know are oblivious to life beyond their toy box!! Erm, sorry, what?! I wasn't a fan of the 'choose your own ending' malarkey. The author gives you two option. One leads to a happy ending and one leads to a cliffhanger that makes way for a second book. When I read, I just want to lose myself in the book.

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Part of the beauty of being told a story is that you don't have to make any choices for the characters and the author just sweeps you up in their world. It kind of pulls me out of that world when I have to make a decision about the story. I makes it less realistic and believable to know that there is the possibility of two different endings. In my opinion, the characters should dictate, not only to the reader, but to the author, what happens in their story.

There shouldn't be options!! The first is sweet and offers a happy ending and a conclusion to Cole and Eden's story. The second What the hell?! I'll be interested to see the reviews of book 2 when it comes out, because I can't even imagine where the author is going with that ending! Jul 23, Veronika's ReaderFeeder rated it it was amazing.

It sounded like any other contemporary New Adult, but also not. It looked like just another book with a pretty cover, but not quite. Something about the synopsis called to me, and I answered. And I definitely, definitely am damn glad that I did. Pocketful of Sand begins with Eden Taylor, I crave him like I crave sunshine and air and water and love.

Both have gone through a series of disturbing events, and moving away from their past in order to start afresh was the best thing to do. One day, both mother and daughter spot Cole Danzer on the beach, busy building a sand castle. The handsome local recluse notices the duo, frowns and goes back to his work. There begins a story of love, life and moving on. She was a smart, sensitive woman, whose love for her daughter was not only humbling, but also awe-worthy.

And then there was Emmy herself, who while being highly intelligent for her age was also scared and unsure of anything. But in the end, the entire point of the book was to show that people could grow and heal and learn to love again. From her descriptions of what Eden sees to the things Cole makes her feel…everything, just everything was perfect. Pocketful of Sand deals with a lot of issues that are hard to read about, terrible to imagine, but the author has managed to make the reader feel what the characters are feeling. If you can read certain scenes that are triggers and find that mild angst and romance is your thing, Pocketful of Sand is definitely for you!

This did not in any way, however, influence the content of this review. Mar 21, Jen rated it it was amazing. Where to start? This book hurt my heart. The story, the characters, the premise of it all, just wow. I've always loved M. Leighton's books, but this one just blew me away. You may give away your time, for example, and it comes back to you much later from an unexpected source in an unexpected form in a way that benefits you greatly.

You cannot insist on a particular way and time it will come back to you, but you can be assured it will come back in the best way for you. And do so cheerfully and freely. It is the energy behind the giving that matters so do not give grudgingly. The law of cause and effect guarantees that you shall receive plenty for what you give.

May 24, Natali added it. This book is about the abstraction of money from the perspective of quantum physics. It is abstract but I still loved it! The author talks about the ways in which you can manifest wealth or push it away with thoughts, actions, deeds, and deeply held beliefs. I really believe that this book has made a difference in my life. One caveat to fellow readers: I kept waiting for some kind of concrete prescription for meditation, manifestation, etc. That never really came. The meat and potatoes of value This book is about the abstraction of money from the perspective of quantum physics.

The meat and potatoes of value for this book is in the first third. But making my way through the end was still a delight of a reminder of all the ways we can see wealth unfold in our lives. Read it! May 20, Mary Magin rated it it was amazing. This book provides an extraordinary new way to look at money. I was halfway through the book before I realized that the point was written on the back cover. It says, "True wealth is not about buckets of cash.

A message that eerily coincides with many religious teachings. I'm going to read this book again. Make a quantum leap. This book will help you increase your wealth consciousness and realize your infinite potential. Many revelations and AHA moments will come to you as you read this book. It is life-changing. Jan 11, C Coyle added it. Aug 07, Amy Nakos rated it really liked it. If you are working on your wealth consciousness, this is a good book in addition to other law of attraction books. It's a fresh way to envision energy and how you can create your reality including wealth and all other aspects of a happy life.

If you are a LOA student, it may seem basic, but has a lot of good reminders. Aug 04, Debbie rated it liked it. Liked the premise and main points - we have and develop wealth through an abundance, certainty, belief based mindset, but found the guessing very intentional repetition in the book distracting.

Could have been a couple solid chapters and much shorter and still gotten the points across. Mar 08, Francesco Melachrinos rated it it was amazing. Great read - you have to be open minded to some concepts but was worth capturing the ideas which are very practical. Apr 03, Maria Graciela Molina C rated it it was amazing. Top of the top May 06, Paige rated it it was amazing. Ridiculous title but amazing book. Jun 26, Kerri MacDonald rated it it was amazing. This book should be called "A handbook on how to be human". I love this book so much. It's really clear and a great listen to get you into the right space.

Sep 08, Yazo GM rated it it was amazing. Star Trek: The Next Generation is based on the television series of the same name. The novels are also linked with Stargazer — The omnibus was part of the Signature Edition —04 series. An interview of Friedman by Kevin Dilmore is included. An interview of David by Kevin Dilmore is included. The Best and the Brightest , by Susan Wright, has a similar concept. Based on the The Next Generation film series.

Written by J. Novelizations intended for young adults. Written by John Vornholt. Written by Greg Cox. An omnibus edition was published as part of the Signature Edition —04 series. Ordover and Michael Jan Friedman. An omnibus edition was published in Star Trek: A Time to… miniseries explores events prior to Nemesis Conceived by John J. Ordover, and edited by Keith DeCandido.

Interlinked novels set after the film Nemesis Written by David Mack. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is based on the television series of the same name. The book line was relaunched with the publication of Lives of Dax , edited by Marco Palmieri. Based on select episodes from the television series. Call to Arms and Sacrifice of Angels are based on seven interlinked episodes from Deep Space Nine 's Seasons 5 and 6 , beginning with the episode " Call to Arms ".

America's Most Eligible: Season 10 Choices

Emissary was published as Deep Space Nine , Book 1. The novellas were published in children's chapter book format. Written by Dafydd ab Hugh. Written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Interlinked novels set after the episode " What You Leave Behind ". Not to be confused with the Gamma miniseries, which has a similar premise. These Haunted Seas is a collection of Books 1 and 2. Created by Marco Palmieri. Only one novel has been published. Not to be confused with the Mission Gamma miniseries which has a similar premise. Star Trek: Spock vs.

Q is a pair of audio dramatizations produced by Alien Voices, starring Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie as the titular characters. Crossover novels and series contain characters and settings from the various television series and films:. Star Trek: Invasion! The novels were thematically linked. An omnibus edition was published in containing additional material. The series was conceived and edited by John J. The series was conceived by Paula M.

Block and John J. Star Trek: The Captain's Table crossover miniseries is narrated by various starship captains during their visits to a trans-dimensional bar called The Captain's Table. An anthology of related stories was published in The novels contain additional characters and situations created by the authors.


Star Trek: Section 31 crossover miniseries was inspired by the autonomous, clandestine, paramilitary organization introduced in the Deep Space Nine episode " Inquisition ". Cloak does not include The Original Series subtitle. The series concluded with the anthology What Lay Beyond An omnibus edition was announced at the Shore Leave convention in , but was never published. Star Trek: Voyager is based on the television series of the same name. The book line was relaunched with the publication of Homecoming , by Christie Golden.

Caretaker was published as Voyager , Book 1. Written by Christie Golden. Interlinked novels set after the episode " Endgame ". Star Trek: Voyager: String Theory miniseries follows the crew during a violent encounter with the Nacene. Published on the tenth-anniversary of the television series. The novels were intended to be the seminal work of the series. Created by William Shatner , and co-written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens , the series explores events following James Kirk 's resurrection by agents of the Romulan Star Empire after the character's death in Generations.

Shatner outlined the first novel while filming Kirk's final scene in The colloquial name, The Shatnerverse , has been adopted by Memory Alpha and others. Characters from other films and television series appear in the novels. However, continuity within the series is independent of other book lines. The series is organized into three trilogies by fans: Odyssey , Mirror Universe , and Totality. Novelizations of the popular Star Trek video games.

Klingon was also dramatized as an audiobook. A novelization of the interactive movie Star Trek: Borg was announced, but was never published. Created by John J. Written by Peter David. Numbering of the novels is inconsistent among primary sources. Voyages of Imagination does not number novels published after Star Trek: New Frontier: Excalibur miniseries follows the crew after the destruction of the Excalibur , and the apparent death of Calhoun.

Published as ebook exclusives on various platforms, and were later collected into print bind-ups with similar titles, but a different numbering scheme. Novellas were numbered 1 through Many were also published as part of multipart series, such as Foundations , Wildfire , and What's Past All novellas were later collected in omnibus editions with a different numbering scheme.

The series name was abbreviated as S. Each edition is a bind-up of three or four novellas, numbered as Book 1 through 7, published in mass-market paperback format. Books 8 through 13 were published in trade paperback format to accommodate five or six novellas each. Star Trek: S.

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An omnibus edition was published as part of the Corps of Engineers relaunch, in The novellas were published as S. Star Trek: Challenger is flagship concept series similar to New Frontier. Star Trek: Enterprise is based on the television series of the same name. Originally published as Enterprise , without the Star Trek prefix. Interlinked novels set after the episode " These Are the Voyages Reunion and The Valiant , also by Friedman, are linked with the series. A new novel was published in The novels are not numbered. The Buried Age , Christopher L. The editions include amplifying material, such as author's notes, essays, and interviews.

Published in trade paperback format. Star Trek: I. Gorkon follows the exploits of a Qang -class destroyer ordered into unexplored space to find new planets to conquer in the name of the Klingon Empire. Written by Keith DeCandido. Relaunched as Klingon Empire The ship was introduced in Nemesis Glass Empires and Obsidian Alliances are collections of three novellas each. Shards and Shadows is a short story anthology.

The Sorrows of Empire was expanded from a novella collected in Glass Empires. Trial Run , the second in the series, was announced but was never published. Star Trek: Klingon Empire is a relaunch and continuation of I. Gorkon — No additional novels have been published. The series is linked to The Lost Era — Star Trek: Myriad Universes explores alternate realties and their analogues of characters from the various television series and films.

Star Trek: Destiny explores the origin of the Borg , and Federation's response to an invasion by them. Followed by Typhon Pact — Based on Star Trek and its sequels.

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Original novels set in the Kelvin Timeline were announced, but were withdrawn.